Welcome to the web space of Atmosphere-Related Research in Canadian Universities (ARRCU). ARRCU was an ad-hoc working group until June 2017, when it became established as a Special Interest Group of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.

We are a group of Canadian university faculty who undertake research in weather, climate, and air quality under the general framework of atmosphere-related research (ARR). ARR considers the whole atmosphere, from the surface to space, and its interaction with land-surface, hydrologic, ocean, cryospheric, and space systems. Work in this area connects atmospheric and related sciences to many other areas of environmental and social science.

We are engaging in strategic planning in Canadian ARR across the university, government, and industrial sectors. We seek to help configure academic ARR to most benefit Canada in a time of rapid environmental and socio-economic change. We believe that this process will benefit ARR activities within and outside the wide range of University departments and disciplines where ARR takes place.

To learn more, please download our White Paper and view other documents under the Documents tab.

Membership of the ARRCU SIG Executive Committee and Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Paul Kushner (Chair), paul.kushner@utoronto.ca

  • Prof. Adam Monahan (Vice-Chair), monahana@uvic.ca

  • Prof. Pierre Gauthier (Secretary/Treasurer), gauthier.pierre@uqam.ca

  • Prof. Hind Al-Abadleh, halabadleh@wlu.ca

  • Prof. John Gyakum, john.gyakum@mcgill.ca

  • Prof. Randall Martin, randall.vaughn.martin@gmail.com

  • Prof. Paul Myers, pmyers@ualberta.ca

  • Prof. Rebecca Saari, rebecca.saari@uwaterloo.ca

  • Prof. Kimberly Strong, strong@atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca

  • Prof. Roland Stull, rstull@eos.ubc.ca

  • Prof. Peter Taylor, pat@yorku.ca

  • Dr. Sylvie Roy, Sylvie.Roy@NSERC-CRSNG.GC.CA